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About Us

Welcome to Von Culajay Black German Shepherds, where we are dedicated to breeding and raising top-quality black German Shepherds. As a software developer, breeding and raising these magnificent animals is my hobby and passion. At Von Culajay, our goal is to improve the temperament, health, and structure of the German Shepherd breed through selective breeding of the finest German and European lines.

Our breeding stock are from working lines.

We carefully select our breeding stock from working lines, mainly from former East German (DDR), West German, and Czech dogs to ensure that our puppies are stable, intelligent, and have a good drive, making them suitable for a variety of tasks. We place a strong emphasis on temperament, health, socialization, and physical traits, to produce puppies that accurately represent the breed.

At Von Culajay, we believe that there is always a dog suited for everyone, and we work closely with our customers and friends to make the perfect match for your family. As working lines require an active lifestyle, we will always ask about the intended purpose of the animal to ensure that you and your new addition to the family will succeed.