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Adult GSD

Adult GSD
Lowin Female Lowin Female
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Birthday: March 19, 2021 Color: Sable Black & Tan Coat: Medium  Registered:  AKC Registration Type:  FullWeight:  60 lbs 2 years, 7 months OldPedigree Great for BreedingBasic ObedienceGets along with all dogsHouse TrainedSubmissive PersonalityUp To Date on ShotsGreat with childrenFamily DogProtectiveup to date on shots..
Onyx Female Onyx Female
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Birthday: March 8, 2021 Color: Black Coat: Short  Registered:  AKC Registration Type:  FullWeight:  70 lbs 19 Months OldPedigree Great for BreedingBasic ObedienceGets along with Large Male DogsHouse TrainedDominant PersonalityUp To Date on ShotsGuard DogWorking DogProtective..
Harley Female Harley Female
Age: 10 Weeks Birthday: July 13, 2017 Color: Black & Red Coat: Short  Coat Type:  Standard Registered:  AKC 4-Year-Old Female German Shepherd looking for forever homeBasic ObedienceGreat with childrenGets along with male & female dogsHouse trainedUp to date on ShotsSweet dispositionLoves playing fetch..
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